Friends and Neighbors,

We are not a “liberal” church that merely welcomes gay and lesbian persons, we simply recognize and honor the presence of God in all people and fully welcome them into our community to be members, leaders, teachers and preachers.

We are not a “liberal” church that uses inclusive language to be politically correct, we simply recognize the limitations of a male-dominated society and seek to rediscover the gifts and strengths of the feminine in both our members and the sacred.

We are not a “liberal” church that is all intellectual and boring, we celebrate with joy, laughter and love our many children who know they can actively participate in the full life of Southwood.

We are not a “liberal” church that considers the Bible irrelevant for today, we value these ancient stories of people’s experiences of God in different times and cultures by using them as entry points to experience the presence and guidance of God today.

We are not a “liberal” church that downplays the role of Jesus, we respond to the Jesus we meet in scripture who calls us not to worship him but to take up our own crosses and follow in the steps of his life, message and vision and not just his death.

We are not a “liberal” church that does not believe in eternal salvation, we simply recognize that salvation is also for the here and now through our participation in God’s work toward peace and justice for the poor, the minority, and the outcast.

We are not a “liberal” church that says whatever way works for you is fine, we simply recognize that Christianity is our way into the life of God but do not confuse that as being the only way into God who will not be defined by human barriers.

You know, actually, Southwood UCC is the church we have been dreaming of and hoping for; maybe Southwood is the place you have been hoping for too. Join us this Sunday for worship at 10:30am and begin the wonderful journey of finding out.

Peace and Love,

Your Friends at Southwood UCC and Rev. Michael L. Stephens, Pastor






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