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No In-Person Worship Until Otherwise Stated 



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 We announce, with great love for all of you, that all church building activities are cancelled until otherwise notified. That means, no choir, no meetings (in person), no small groups (in person), no worship (in person), etc.

It also means that the church staff will be thinking creatively of ways to help us stay connected, that a small group will meet (and stay far away from each other) to bring you a worship service in a video format each week. It means that we will call each other and utilize social media to be in community. Building use is cancelled, but church isn’t.  You can contact us at

WEATHER ALERTS: If church is cancelled due to weather, it will be posted on our phone message, Facebook, and a special express email.

We are a progressive church that wants to get the word out that God has called us to be a special community that is unique in all of southeast Jackson County. As far as we know, we are the only church that could or would put up this sign in all of Raytown, Lee’s Summit, Grandview, Independence and Blue Springs and our members come from all these different areas. When we start to explain where we go to church, people usually respond with “Oh, that church!” Yep, that church is us!


Let’s use the statements we chose for the sign to tell you a little more about us:

What church …

welcomes gay families

Southwood UCC voted several years ago to become an “Open & Affirming” congregation. This means that we not only welcome those who happen to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, but that we celebrate them as children of God just as they are. Come and you will find many diffent kinds of people and families that make up who we are at Southwood UCC.

encourages questions

Many of us are familiar with church environments where they tell you exactly what to believe, where everything is black and white and you don’t need to think at all. Southwood is NOT that church! In fact, our adult class has a favorite video series entitled “Living the Questions”. Life and faith are filled with all kinds of questions and, despite what we may want to believe, our answers (even in church) are merely attempts at answers. Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Athiests (insert others here) all have answers that cannot be proven. At our best, what we offer is a community in which we can explore life’s questions together and live out answers that bring more love, life, peace and justice to all of God’s creation.

seeks social justice

Southwood UCC feels particularly drawn to the common theme in God’s story that calls us to side with the poor, the orphan, the widow, the sick, the stranger, the outcast… God’s call is for us to participate in an unfolding dream that makes a difference now in this world. Our church works to feed hungry children, shelter the homeless, uplift third world countries and much, much more.

honors many paths to God

Southwood UCC is a Christian community that teaches Bible stories and seeks to follow the lead of Jesus Christ. We do not, however, believe that Jesus is the only way to know God’s presence and experience God’s salvation. That same God or spirit of life and love is present in many religions around the world. Southwood seeks dialogue with people of other faiths as another way to learn and grow. Recently, we were highlighted in the Kansas City Star for our outreach to our Muslim neighbors as a show of support and friendship.



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